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CHAPTER 1, (pages 1-19) Prenatal Normal and Abnormal Development, Gilles Boulay, Lionel Simon, and Jamil Hamza

CHAPTER 2, (pages 20-42) General Growth and Tissue Development Throughout Childhood, Ruth Oelhafen Luginbuehl

CHAPTER 3, (pages 43-57) Anesthesia and the Developing Brain, Laszlo Vutskits

CHAPTER 4, (pages 58-70) Nociception and Pain Perception in Infants and Children, Suzanne Wiener and Joseph D. Tobias

CHAPTER 5, (pages 71-79) Central Nervous System: Neurotransmitters and Anesthesia, Thomas Engelhardt and William Wisden

CHAPTER 6, (pages 80-90) Central Nervous System: Anatomy and Physiology, Bruno Bissonnette

CHAPTER 7, (pages 91-99) Normal and Abnormal Development of the Heart and the Circulation, Christian Apitz and Andrew N. Redington

CHAPTER 8, (pages 100-105) Airway Development, Pierre Fayoux and Bruno Marciniak

CHAPTER 9, (pages 106-139) Respiratory Physiology, Etsuro K. Motoyama

CHAPTER 10, (pages 140-169) Renal Function, Acid-Base, and Electrolyte Homeostasis, John Chandler and Robert Plant

CHAPTER 11, (pages 170-180) Digestive System, Metabolic Functions, and Nutrition, Bénédicte Ringuier, Jean-Louis Giniès, and Jean-Claude Granry

CHAPTER 12, (pages 181-202) Endocrine System, Carlos Hervás Puyal, Manuel García Górriz, and Rosario Nuño Sanz

CHAPTER 13, (pages 203-221) Principles of Hematopoiesis, Immunity, and Coagulation, Chaim Kaplinsky, Raz Somech, and Gili Kenet

CHAPTER 14, (pages 222-259) Temperature Regulation: Physiology and Pharmacology, Igor Luginbuehl

CHAPTER 15, (pages 260-272) Development and Evaluation of Pain and the Stress Response, Blaine Easley, Kenneth M. Brady, Andrew R. Wolf, Kanwaljeet J. S. Anand, and Joseph D. Tobias

CHAPTER 16, (pages 273-291) Chronic and Recurrent Pain in the Pediatric Patient, Stephen C. Brown and Patricia A. McGrath

CHAPTER 17, (pages 292-297) An Introduction to the Intricacies of Pharmacology in Pediatrics, Brian J. Anderson

CHAPTER 18, (pages 298-310) Using Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamic Models to Prevent Adverse Events in Neonates, Infants, and Children, Brian J. Anderson

CHAPTER 19, (pages 311-317) Mechanisms of Action of General Anesthetics, Vincent P. Laudenbach, Souhayl Dahmani, Hawa Keïta-Meyer, and Jean Mantz

CHAPTER 20, (pages 318-322) Nitrous Oxide, Conor McDonnell

CHAPTER 21, (pages 323-347) Volatile Anesthetics, George D. Politis

CHAPTER 22, (pages 348-355) Xenon and Anesthesia: Pharmacology, Peter H. Tonner

CHAPTER 23, (pages 356-376) Intravenous Agents, Peter D. Booker and Neroli Chadderton

CHAPTER 24, (pages 377-386) Ketamine, Elsa Taylor

CHAPTER 25, (pages 387-405) Opioid Analgesic Agents, Jason A. Hayes and Daisy T. Joo

CHAPTER 26, (pages 406-415) Non-Opioid Analgesic Agents, Greta M. Palmer

CHAPTER 27, (pages 416-440) Neuromuscular Blocking Agents in Children, Olli Meretoja and Hannu Kokki

CHAPTER 28, (pages 441-472) Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics, Jea n Xavier Mazoit

CHAPTER 29, (pages 473-490) Adjuvants to Local Anesthetics, Dilip Pawar

CHAPTER 30, (pages 491-506) Pharmacology of Premedication and Sedative Agents in Children, George A. Chalkiadis

CHAPTER 31, (pages 507-524) Pharmacology of Vagal Blockers and Antagonist Agents, Martin Jöhr

CHAPTER 32, (pages 525-534) Anticoagulants, Gordon T. C. Wong

CHAPTER 33, (pages 535-543) Pharmacology of Vasopressive Agents, Robert Whitty

CHAPTER 34, (pages 544-551) Antiemetic Agents, Mario J. da Conçeicao

CHAPTER 35, (pages 552-570) Resuscitation Agents, Craig Sims

CHAPTER 36, (pages 571-583) Preoperative Evaluation, Laboratory Testing, and Preparation for Anesthesia and Surgery, Robin Cox

CHAPTER 37, (pages 584-593) Premedication, Sedation, and Preoperative Fasting, William M. Splinter and Jarmila Kim

CHAPTER 38, (pages 594-665) Anesthesia Equipment, Francis Veyckemans

CHAPTER 39, (pages 669-689) Induction of Anesthesia, Cengiz Karsli and Lisa A. Isaac

CHAPTER 40, (pages 690-708) Maintenance of Anesthesia: Inhalational Agents, Olivier Paut, Frédéric Lamy, and Magalie Guérin

CHAPTER 41, (pages 709-715) Maintenance of Anesthesia: Total Intravenous Anesthesia, Neil S. Morton

CHAPTER 42, (pages 716-745) Modern Modes of Ventilation in the Operating Room, Niall Wilton and David Buckley

CHAPTER 43, (pages 747-752) Which Endotracheal Tube in Neonates, Infants, and Small Children? Gregory Moloney

CHAPTER 44, (pages 753-756) Regional Anesthesia: Principles of Localization Using Manual Approaches, Hans Jutzi and Alain Borgeat

CHAPTER 45, (pages 757-766) Regional Anesthesia: Principles of Localization Using Electrical Stimulation, Jean-Louis Feugeas, Frédéric Lacroix, Olivier Choquet, and Xavier Capdevila

CHAPTER 46, (pages 767-782) Regional Anesthesia: Principles of Localization Using Ultrasound Techniques, Peter Marhofer

CHAPTER 47, (pages 783-792) Regional Anesthesia: Upper Limb Blocks, Katherine Keech and Adrian Bösenberg

CHAPTER 48, (pages 793-805) Regional Anesthesia: Lower Limb Blocks, Giorgio Ivani and Valeria Mossetti

CHAPTER 49, (pages 806-822) Regional Anesthesia: Central Neuraxial Blocks, Adrian Bösenberg

CHAPTER 50, (pages 823-832) Regional Anesthesia: Head and Neck Blocks, Polina Voronov and Santhanam Suresh

CHAPTER 51, (pages 833-842) Regional Anesthesia: Thorax and Abdomen Blocks, Michael J. Fredrickson

CHAPTER 52, (pages 843-849) Fluid Therapy for the Pediatric Surgical Patient, Anne Laffargue Vetter

CHAPTER 53, (pages 850-860) Transfusion for the Pediatric Patient, Nathalie Bourdaud and Gilles Orliaguet

CHAPTER 54, (pages 861-872) Perioperative Blood Sparing Techniques in Pediatric Patients, Dale F. Szpisjak and Catherine Paquet

CHAPTER 55, (pages 873-885) Outpatient Anesthesia, Daniel Vischoff and Sophie Saindon

CHAPTER 56, (pages 886-904) Sedation and Anesthesia for Procedures Outside Operating Theaters, Jonathan H. Smith, Kar-Binh Ong, and Michael R. J. Sury

CHAPTER 57, (pages 905-923) Acute Complications During Anesthesia, Michela Salvadore, Thomas Engelhardt, and Joseph D. Tobias

CHAPTER 58, (pages 924-941) Emergence and Postoperative Care, Justin L. Lockman and R. Blaine Easley

CHAPTER 59, (pages 942-967) Anesthesia for the Patient With Coexisting Diseases, Brenna L. Jacobson, Samuel H. Wald, and Linda J. Mason

CHAPTER 60, (pages 968-980) Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Procedures, Francis Veyckemans

CHAPTER 61, (pages 981-987), Anesthesia for Non-Cardiac Surgery in Children With Congenital Heart Disease, Walid Habre

CHAPTER 62, (pages 988-993) A Pragmatic Approach to Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Karen A. Brown

CHAPTER 63, (pages 994-1007) Anesthesia for the Acutely Ill Patient, Corinne Lejus and Karim Ashenoune

CHAPTER 64, (pages 1008-1042) Pediatric Critical Care, Barry Lyons, Tsz-Yan Milly Lo, and Peter N. Cox

CHAPTER 65, (pages 1043-1047) Intrahospital Patient Transportation, Victor H. Espinal Montoya

CHAPTER 66, (pages 1048-1064) Pediatric Pain Management, Sabine Kost-Byerly, Lynne G. Maxwell, and Myron Yaster

CHAPTER 67, (pages 1065-1080) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation of the Infant and the Child, Swati Agarwal and Gregory B. Hammer

CHAPTER 68, (pages 1081-1096) Prehospital Cardiorespiratory and Trauma Resuscitation, Pierre Carli and Caroline Telion

CHAPTER 69, (pages 1097-1113) Peripheral Vascular Access, Susan T. Verghese and Raafat S. Hannallah

CHAPTER 70, (pages 1114-1154) Central Vascular Access, Elizabeth Prentice

CHAPTER 71, (pages 1155-1166) Prolonged Vascular Access, Jean Godard

CHAPTER 72, (pages 1167-1185) Airway Management, Giuseppe Marraro

CHAPTER 73, (pages 1186-1212) Transesophageal Echocardiography in Congenital Heart Disease, Dominique A. Bettex and Pierre-Guy Chassot

CHAPTER 74, (pages 1213-1244) Principles of Neuroelectrophysiology Monitoring, Samuel Strantzas and Laura Holmes

CHAPTER 75, (pages 1245-1261) Brain Monitoring, Isabelle Constant

CHAPTER 76, (pages 1262-1284) Spinal Cord Monitoring, Emmanuèle Laureau and Jean-Daniel Guieu

CHAPTER 77, (pages 1285-1303) Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring and Awareness, Andrew Davidson

CHAPTER 78, (pages 1304-1333) Cardiovascular Monitoring and Cardiothoracic Procedures, David A. Rowney

CHAPTER 79, (pages 1334-1340) Gastrointestinal Procedures, Sif-Eddine Nejmi and Badr-Eddine Hmamouchi

CHAPTER 80, (pages 1341-1361) Patient Positioning and Precautions During Anesthesia and Surgery, Ahmed Mohamed Shalabi

CHAPTER 81, (pages 1362-1378) Pediatric Features of Malignant Hyperthermia, Renée Krivosic-Horber

CHAPTER 82, (pages 1379-1391) Influence of Anesthesia on the Immune System in Children, Farha Abd El-Aziz El-Chennawi, Maysaa El Sayed Zaki, Hanan Azam, and Dalia Mohamed Tohlob

CHAPTER 83, (pages 1392-1405) Specific Problems and Anesthesia Management of Extremely Low Birthweight Infants, Richard J. Ing and Allison Kinder Ross

CHAPTER 84, (pages 1406-1420) Miscellaneous Techniques, Pedro Paulo Vanzillotta

CHAPTER 85, (pages 1421-1436) Management of the Neonate: Surgical Considerations, Carmen T. Ramos and Peter C. W. Kim

CHAPTER 86, (pages 1437-1475) Management of the Neonate: Anesthetic Considerations, Per-Arne Lönnqvist

CHAPTER 87, (pages 1476-1495) Genitourinary Tract: Surgical Considerations, Pramod P. Reddy and Antoine E. Khoury

CHAPTER 88, (pages 1496-1500) Genitourinary Tract: Anesthetic Considerations, Jayant K. Deshpande

CHAPTER 89, (pages 1501-1519) Digestive Tract Procedures: Surgical Considerations, Steven T. Elliott and Anthony D. Sandler

CHAPTER 90, (pages 1520-1526) Digestive Tract Procedures: Anesthetic Considerations, Sonia ben Khalifa and Mehdi Trifa

CHAPTER 91, (pages 1527-1550) Bone and Joint Surgery: Anesthetic Considerations and Postoperative Management, Mary Cunliffe

CHAPTER 92, (pages 1551-1568) Neurosurgery and Neurotraumatology: Surgical Considerations, Aurelia Peraud

CHAPTER 93, (pages 1569-1588) Neurosurgery and Neurotraumatology: Anesthetic Considerations, Craig D. McClain and Sulpicio G. Soriano

CHAPTER 94, (pages 1589-1608) Cardiovascular Procedures: Surgical Considerations, Osami Honjo and Glen S. Van Arsdell

CHAPTER 95, (pages 1609-1640) Cardiovascular Procedures: Anesthetic Considerations, Carol L. Lake, Linda J. Mason, and Peter D. Booker

CHAPTER 96, (pages 1641-1654) Thoracic Surgery: Surgical Considerations, Ted Gerstle

CHAPTER 97, (pages 1655-1667) Thoracic Surgery: Anesthetic Considerations, Patrick T. Farrell

CHAPTER 98, (pages 1668-1698) Otorhinolaryngology: Surgical Considerations, Blake C. Papsin and Sharon L. Cushing

CHAPTER 99, (pages 1699-1721) Otorhinolaryngology: Anesthetic Considerations, Alison S. Carr and David Elliott

CHAPTER 100, (pages 1722-1727) Plastic Procedures: Surgical Considerations, David M. Fisher

CHAPTER 101, (pages 1728-1736) Plastic Procedures: Anesthetic Considerations, James Flowerdew

CHAPTER 102, (pages 1737-1756) Ophthalmological Procedures: Surgical Considerations, Asim Ali, Nasrin Najm-Tehrani, Wai-Ching Lam, and Elise Héon

CHAPTER 103, (pages 1757-1767) Ophthalmological Procedures: Anesthetic Considerations, Marie Granier

CHAPTER 104, (pages 1768-1780) Anesthesia for Organ Retrieval, Priya Thalayasingam

CHAPTER 105, (pages 1781-1792) Heart and Lung Transplantation: Surgical Considerations, Osami Honjo and John G. Coles

CHAPTER 106, (pages 1793-1806) Heart and Lung Transplantation: Anesthetic Considerations, Dean B. Andropoulos

CHAPTER 107, (pages 1807-1815) Liver Transplantation: Surgical Considerations, Cassandra M. Kelleher and Annie Fecteau

CHAPTER 108, (pages 1816-1820) Liver Transplantation: Anesthetic Considerations, Charles Lee

CHAPTER 109, (pages 1821-1835) Renal Transplantation: Surgical Considerations, Walid A. Farhat and Armando J. Lorenzo

CHAPTER 110, (pages 1836-1842) Renal Transplantation: Anesthetic Considerations, Jonathan de Lima and Peter Gibson

CHAPTER 111, (pages 1843-1849) Intestinal and Pancreatic Transplantation: Surgical Considerations, Rodrigo A. Iniguez and Paul W. Wales

CHAPTER 112, (pages 1850-1858) Intestinal and Pancreatic Transplantation: Anesthetic Considerations, Nathalie Bourdaud, Frédérique Sauvat, and Gilles Orliaguet

CHAPTER 113, (pages 1859-1866) Bone Marrow Transplantation: Hematological and Anesthetic Considerations, John Doyle and Justin John

CHAPTER 114, (pages 1867-1876) Conjoined Twins: Surgical Considerations, Abdullah A. Al-Rabeeah

CHAPTER 115, (pages 1877-1890) Conjoined Twins: Anesthetic Considerations, Mohamed El-Gammal

CHAPTER 116, (pages 1891-1919) Craniofacial Malformations: Surgical Considerations, Daniel A. Peters and Christopher R. Forrest
CHAPTER 117, (pages 1920-1933) Craniofacial Malformations: Anesthetic Considerations, Mark F. Levine

CHAPTER 118, (pages 1934-1951) Interventional Cardiac Catheterization Procedures: Cardiology Considerations David Nykanen

CHAPTER 119, (pages 1952-1970) Interventional Cardiac Catheterization Procedures: Anesthetic Considerations, Peter Laussen and Brendan O’Hare

CHAPTER 120, (pages 1971-2001) Fetal Anesthesia, Laura B. Myers

CHAPTER 121, (pages 2002-2014) Interventional Radiology: Radiological Considerations, Michael J. Temple and Bairbre Connolly

CHAPTER 122, (pages 2015-2030) Interventional Radiology: Anesthetic Considerations and Postprocedural Management, Christopher M. Bolton

CHAPTER 123, (pages 2031-2048) Burns and Post-Burn Care: Surgical Considerations, Howard M. Clarke and Tristan M.B. de Chalain

CHAPTER 124, (pages 2049-2070) Burns and Post-Burn Care: Anesthetic Considerations, Marc-André Bernath, Pascal Stucki, and Mette M. Berger

CHAPTER 125, (pages 2071-2079) Dental Procedures: Surgical Considerations, David J. Kenny and Michael J. Casas

CHAPTER 126, (pages 2080-2090) Dental Procedures: Anesthetic Considerations, Steven Ganzberg and Brian Chanpong

CHAPTER 127, (pages 2091-2108) Mortality, Morbidity, and Outcome in Pediatric Anesthesia Isabelle Murat

CHAPTER 128, (pages 2109-2118) Consent, Research, and Withdrawing Treatment, Nicholas Pace and David A. Blacoe

CHAPTER 129, (pages 2119-2131) Training and Education in Pediatric Anesthesia, Paul J. Samuels, Jon Tomasson, and Charles D. Kurth

CHAPTER 130, (pages 2132-2142) Acute Pain Service, Rita Agarwal and David M. Polaner

CHAPTER 131, (pages 2143-2154) Quality Improvement, Sally E. Rampersad and Lynn D. Martin

CHAPTER 132, (pages 2155-2172) Special Problems in Developing Countries, Adrian Bösenberg and Zipporah Njeri Gathuya

CHAPTER 133, (pages 2173-2182) Implications for Humanitarian Anesthesia, George A. Gregory

Index, (pages 2183)